Atreus PCB

$25.99 - $29.99

  • Image of Atreus PCB
  • Image of Atreus PCB

Original Atreus (42 key) PCB with red solder mask.

These PCBs support an Omron B3U-1000P switch as an optional hardware reset switch. The reset switch is in the center of the board just below the "Atreus" silkscreen. The pads are on both sides of the board, so the board is still flippable. If you're into that.

Otherwise these PCBs are identical to the original and are firmware compatible.

Electronic components option includes:
  • Pololu A-Star 32U4 Micro
  • 42 Diodes (1N4148W-7-F)
  • Omron B3U-1000P (reset switch)
  • Micro USB extension cable (6 inch)

Case NOT included.

Please note: Electronic Components does NOT include the PCB.